Top 15 Solo Female Vacations in the U.S. 

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Sometimes the best trip to take is one that is solo. In the United States, there is a range of good to bad cities to visit for solo females. Check out our list of fifteen locations scattered throughout the United States that are safe to travel to, and some highlights within them. 

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#1 Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Just a short subway ride away from Boston, Cambridge is a city that is generally safe for solo females. More like a neighborhood than a bustling city, you can walk around without feeling too unsafe. If you want to travel into Boston, it is also safe and a perfect place to explore the city’s historic significance. Or, if you want to stay right in Cambridge, explore Harvard campus and its several museum buildings. 

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#2 Roseville, California

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Based on a study conducted by TripIt, Roseville is ranked high for being one of the safest cities to visit in the United States. Just a short ride away from Sacramento and two college campuses, this city often feels like a quaint college town. Roseville also boasts low crime rates, with their crime rate index being 50% below the national average, and robbery specifically being 30% below. If you are looking for more of a night-life city though, there is not a huge presence in Roseville and you may have to travel out of the city. 

#3 Fort Collins, Colorado

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Another city with a lower crime rate is Fort Collins, home to Colorado State University. This city is full of history, having houses and buildings still standing from the 1800s that you can explore. Though considered safe for solo female travelers, you always want to make sure to have a buddy when walking around at night just in case. If you’re looking for more nature, head a little ways out of the city and check out the Horsetooth Rock formation and Horsetooth Falls

#4 Bellevue, Washington

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Credit: Zac Gudakov

Separated by Seattle by Lake Washington, Bellevue is a safe and welcoming city to travel to. Containing several different parks and museums, nature and artistic lovers will both be satiated while visiting this city. Bellevue is also ranked number five in TripIt’s study for safest cities in the United States, but you should always be aware of your surroundings in a populated area. 

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#5 Maui, Hawaii

One of the many islands that make up the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui is a vacation destination for couples and single travelers alike. Known for friendly locals and a laid-back atmosphere, solo female travelers will be at ease in this tropical state. Though you should always be aware not just of humans but of other dangerous wildlife, there are locations that will be safer than others. Visit the Haleakala National Park on the highest mountain peak, or go snorkeling in the turquoise waters surrounding the whole island. 

#6 Portland, Oregon

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Known for its welcoming atmosphere, Portland is the biggest city in Oregon and is a safe spot for solo female travelers. Low crime rates and several opportunities for solo travelers make this a great place to explore on your own. Travel over to Washington Park and visit the Japanese Garden, or just visit the thriving art and music scene, all under the watchful eye of Mount Hood. 

#7 Reno, Nevada

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Known as the “Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno is situated on the California-Nevada border, about 22 miles away from Lake Tahoe. You can try your luck at several casinos, or watch the balloon race that happens each September. As long as you familiarize yourself with the good and bad neighborhoods, you should have no problem exploring this western city. 

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#8 Phoenix, Arizona

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Capital of Arizona, Phoenix is a great city to experience year-round sun and warm temperatures. With a low crime rate and a good public transportation system, there shouldn’t be much to worry about in the “Valley of the Sun.” Take advantage of several spa locations, nightclubs, and the Desert Botanical Garden where numerous native cactus plants are displayed. 

#9 Sun Valley, Idaho

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Nature lovers will want to mark this city on their travel list, especially since it is relatively safe to travel alone in Idaho. The biggest dangers will not be people, but rather wild animals you may find on hiking trails or mountain paths. Known as a resort town there are several places to hike or ski, such as Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain. There are also hot springs located near the city, so make sure you take some time to explore those areas as well. 

#10 Sterling Heights, Michigan

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Rated in the top twenty safest U.S. cities, Sterling Heights has options for solo female and group travelers with an overall low risk of getting hurt. A suburb of Detroit, you can go visit the bustling city during the day and return to the safer outskirts at night. Parks and historic sites dot the landscape and will provide ample activities to explore for however long you decide to stay in this midwest city. 

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#11 Austin, Texas

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Slowly turning into a hotspot for the younger generation, the capital of Texas has a low crime rate, making it safe for solo female travelers. Being a very social city, there is a plethora of activities to explore such as vintage shops, nightclubs, parks, cafes, and lakes. Or take in the music scene with live performances of country, blues, and rock bands. 

#12 Charleston, South Carolina

Art lovers will feel right at home in this port city that boasts over 35 fine art galleries, and on the first Friday of every month hosts an Art Walk. Charleston’s historic district covered with cobblestone streets are easy to navigate, and make this city a safe space for solo female travelers. Along with the art, there are a couple other must-see destinations including the French Quarter and Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War echoed into the air. 

#13 Savannah, Georgia

Credit: Ashley Knedler

Listed on several solo travel websites, the historic city of Savannah is a very safe place for solo females. Stroll through manicured parks and view the antebellum architecture, or just enjoy the oak trees draped in Spanish Moss. If you happen to be into the haunted and spooky side of life, try visiting this city in the fall or October, where you can go on a haunted pub crawl or just see the city turn into a ghost lover’s dream. 

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#14 Amherst, New York

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A suburb of Buffalo, Amherst is number twelve on TripIt’s top twenty list for safe cities. Just a short distance away from Buffalo’s main city, you can travel between the two cities which both are relatively safe for female travelers. Visit several different parks, or take a journey to some of the museums in the area. Or maybe you’re a football fan, and want to travel into Buffalo to watch the Bills in their stadium. 

#15 Edison, New Jersey

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Last on our list but certainly not the least, Edison is a city located in central New Jersey close to the New York City metropolitan area. Also listed on TripIt’s safest cities at number fourteen, there are plentiful activities in and outdoors to explore. For instance, take a stroll to the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park or Roosevelt Park, or stay indoors at several spas or malls. 

Whichever city you decide to visit in the United States, always make sure you are checking the crime rates, and whether it is a suitable destination for solo female travelers or not. Though there are numerous other cities not listed here, the ones that are will not disappoint.