10 Ways to Make New Friends While Working for a Remote Job

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Remote jobs are advantageous, because you can theoretically move wherever you want to live. If you move away from home though, that means you need to make a new set of friends, especially since you will not have the daily in-person work environment that most other people have. Check out ten ways to make new friends while working remotely, and stay connected in the real world. 

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#1 Join a New Club

There are lots of different types of clubs out there, such as Book Clubs, Game Nights, or DnD sessions that can introduce you to new people that have similar interests to your own. Or perhaps they are completely different, but those friendships are also needed because they push you to become a better person. Whatever club you find, there will be plentiful opportunities to make some new friends. 

#2 Be Active through Sports

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Similar to the clubs, joining a sports team or intramural team could be exactly what you need. Exercising is great for our bodies, so not only will you be making friends but staying healthy too. Depending on what location you move to, this might be easier or harder to find. Smaller towns may not offer a whole league to join, but perhaps there is a group that likes to walk around on Saturdays. Join them. 

#3 Attend Open Mic Nights

Open Mic nights can display your own talents, but show off others as well. You could find someone that loves the same musical artist as you, or maybe someone who really connected to your poetry. Open Mics are also great because there is no judgment, as everyone is nervous to stand in front of a crowd, and usually the mood is pretty relaxed. 

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#4 Search Online Interest Groups

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What are online interest groups? These groups are exactly what they sound like – online forums dedicated to specific topics that you can join and meet like-minded people. For instance, some topics may concern cybersecurity, gender, homelessness, disability, and many others. These groups can open your mind to your new city’s issues, and may prompt you to help out in-person, meeting more people.

#5 Use your Current Network to Expand

Similar to the “friend of a friend” saying, using your current friends/coworkers to gain more is not a bad idea. Many people like to hang around the same types of people, so it wouldn’t hurt to go to a party or gathering where your friends bring people you’ve never met. You might make a really strong connection with one of them. 

#6 Give Coworking Spaces a Try

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I’ve originally never heard of this concept before, but it makes a lot of sense. Coworking spaces are basically buildings that house workers from different companies where they go to work and can bounce ideas off of each other. They’ve been used for decades and have established themselves as extremely cost-effective and worthwhile creations. You can either meet someone that is from a similar line of work, or someone who has a completely opposite career sitting right across from you.

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#7 Become a Regular Somewhere

If coworking spaces aren’t exactly what you are looking for, try making a point of going to the same place every day that is not your house. This could be a cafe, library, or brewery; just somewhere that allows you to work in a new space, and could introduce you to other regulars that hang out in those spaces. If you’re a book lover like I am, perhaps the library is the best choice, since you will find new friends who enjoy literature just as much as you. 

#8 Volunteer

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Giving back to the community and finding a new friend? Perfect. Volunteering is great for both you and those in need, and you could even get a new friend out of the deal. There are several sites on the internet that can show you volunteer opportunities near where you live, or ask around. Maybe you’ll find a hidden gem that has just the group of people you need in life. 

#9 Utilize Social Media

In the age of technology, social media is at an all time high. Though it can be a nuisance, it may help you get some much-needed new friends that live near you. This can be through Instagram, LinkedIn, or even through college routes. Some colleges offer alumni ways to connect with other graduates, and they may connect with you instantly, no matter what age they are. 

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#10 Attend Cultural Events

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Art shows, music festivals, or concerts can give you a glimpse not only into the atmosphere of the city you live in, but the people who inhabit it as well. If you particularly enjoy a certain type of art style or like a particular band, try going to one of these events and see if there’s someone to talk to. 

New Friends Require Patience

Not all of these options will instantly get you a new friend, but they are designed to put you out into the world with other people. You might not find anyone that connects with you until a few weeks later, when someone notices you frequenting a space. The most important thing is to be patient and try new things, even if they are scary because you might just end up with a completely new group of friends.